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Each controller is a little different, but the same basics apply to all


Let's move to the Left Joystick first!

The Left Joystick is to Yaw & Throttle

  • Yaw: This means turning the drone in place to face the direction you want. Push the Left Joystick to the right to turn right, and to the left to turn left

  • Throttle: This means controlling how high the drone is, also called the altitude. Push the Left Joystick up to raise the drone, and down to decrease the height/altitude of the drone

Yaw example
throttle example

Now onto the Right Joystick!

The Right Joystick is to Pitch & Roll

  • Pitch: This means flying the drone in the direction you want to go in. Push the Right Joystick forward to fly the drone forward, and backwards to fly the drone back

  • Roll: This means moving the drone to the left or the right. Push the Right Joystick left in order to move the drone to the left, and push it right to move it right. 

Pitch example
Roll example

What to takeaway?

  • These are the basics and standard controls for almost all variations of drone and remote controlled aviation objects. 

  • To sum it up, the Left Joystick is in charge of the direction the drone is facing, and the height at which the drone is at; whereas, the Right Joystick is in charge of the actual movements of the drone.

  • It is important to know that depending on the drone type and brand, the controls may differ and additional buttons may be added to make the flying process easier. 

  • *For demonstration purposes, I will be using a DJI Mavic Mini in my videos to display the controls and movements of the drone​

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