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shot by anjay dhir- iceland

Rules & Regulations

Lets begin! In this section I will go over the standard rules and safety regulations when flying. Follow along to learn!

Height regulations

  • For the type of small drones we will be working with, it is advised by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to fly under 400 feet and outside of restricted airspace

  • There are apps that can help you check if your airspace is clear and good to fly in (this should be checked prior to taking off)

Weight of the drone

  • A drone less than 249 grams can be operated in the majority of places without needing a license and facing problems if flown safely and correctly. 

  • For any drone heavier than 249 grams, it must be registered with the FAA

  • ​For the most part, all beginner drones are less than 249 grams

    • As used in all my videos and for demonstration purposes, the drone I am using is a DJI Mavic Mini 1. It is exactly 249 grams, and so it isn't required to register it​

Do's & Don'ts


Don't lose eyesight of your drone!


Do check local rules and regulations of your area before flying


Don't fly over large crowds


Do fly safely and responsibly, taking all required precautions


Don't fly near or into wildlife

Safety precautions

Green Pastures

Practice outdoors

Image by Carl Raw

Find and use a flat takeoff/landing area for your drone

Image by Alessio Soggetti

Understand your drone before flying in public places

Image by Will Porada

Land the drone on the ground, do not try to land it in your hands

Purple Crowd

Fly away from large crowds, keep safe distance


Fly in preferred weather conditions to reduce the chances of damage

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