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Advanced Tips

This section is for anyone operating a drone with a camera and would like to learn maneuvers and additional tips to accompany them on their flight journey. As mentioned elsewhere, the drone being used for demonstration purposes is a DJI Mavic Mini 1, yet these tips are universal. 

add a drone video with a slow maneuver


Slow maneuvers result in better quality footage, avoid sudden movements while recording cinematic videos!


  • If the camera is on a gimbal, move the camera slowly up/down. This is result in professional footage. ​​

  • Other cinematic shots...

    • 90 to 0 degree shot​

    • Object shot

    • Birds Eye View

in one location, make three videos showing these three movements, and then edit them together and provide them in this block with text on the side naming the shot

take 2-3 of my drone videos and mash them together, showing how changing the footage every-so-often is engaging


Keep your video length 20-30 seconds long, anything longer is too long to use in a video segment. 20-30 seconds if perfect when editing footage and trying to keep the audience engaged!


If editing a video with background music, think about changing the video clip with the rhythm of the music. This adds a professional aspect to the video and assists in keeping the audience engaged. ​

make a 15 second video that changes with the music

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